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Whether you're an early stage start-up & scale-up  you can grown you business by becoming part of the Swedish network with our Membership.

We are here to guide you whenever you need.

We understand your journey and what challenges you normally have as a start up but also in this industry. 
Maybe you just started you company,  want to launch in another country, if you not have the Swedish network and want to establish in Sweden, accelerate you growth, you maybe have an brilliant idea and want to collaborate with our skilled network, need a business hooked up, want to be invited to pitch days, want to brainstorm at our network event or of course want to keep informed cutting edge proptech news,  We are here to help!


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The ideal way to get your company in front of the right people!



We pride ourselves at keeping our members at the cutting edge of the latest in the industry.



The future is collaboration. Through our community, you're in the right arena to find your match!



Either is online or IRL we always have a network that you can attend too.



London, New York, Berlin or why don´t expand to Singapore. We have the contacts!



Find your new investor trough our network.

Henrik Svanqvist

It was an obvious choice to be a member of the leading Swedish industry network. We would like to expand our collaboration portfolio and continue to create the digital ecosystem. It is a great asset for us to have access to a solid customer base and to participate in upcoming webinars and events. We see this as a big plus for us and the entire PropTech industry.

Henrik Svanqvist
Founder of TMPL

We joined PropTech Sweden as we believe in ecosystems of partners with the same goal; to create an ecosystem for the best cities for the future generations with a focus on co-operation, marketing and execution of smart solutions/services and visions within Proptech.

Johan Hallberg
Founder of Bridgit

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Are you a proptech company on the rise and looking to expand or set up an office in the Nordics? We help you successfully establish your business in the Nordics – a region with extensive know-how and opportunities to grow your business in proptech.  Let us welcome you.


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