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Heidi Berger

At Stångåstaden, we have the vision to be one step ahead. With our membership in PropTech Sweden, I hope that we get an arena that gives us additional opportunities to learn more about the entire industry ecosystem and to make new valuable business contacts to accelerate the development of "smart properties.

Marketing Director of Stångåstaden

With a modern system solution at the forefront of digitalization, we strengthen SBS's management, which ultimately creates added value for our tenants. Being part of PropTech Sweden is, therefore, a given choice

Head of Administration of SBS

Gain knowledge

Develop your understanding of PropTech and how it is changing the property industry – learn about market trends, different technologies and engage in a productive discussion to explore the opportunities and challenges for your business people. 


Let´s get your challenges in front of the right people. Maybe you have an idea or a challenge and want to hear with the people of proptech think about it and give you some insights. 
You give us your thougs and the place and we provide you with the people.

Host a Championship

Alongside the biggest, the best and
those that are thought leaders in Real Estate and Construction, we are
organising PropTech championships whereby the winner gets a signed
agreement and you get a world class solution that aligns with your
company goals

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