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We represent and promote the interests of all those that form part of the PropTech ecosystem - PropTech companies, construction and property companies, PropTech investors and Professional Service providers. 

About us

PropTech Sweden was founded in 2019 and is a community for all players in real estate and built environment sector

Our story

  • PropTech Sweden helps companies to create and build better properties for people.
  • By being an arena for companies, investors, experts, innovators and entrepreneurs, we are an important platform for everyone who works in the industry.
  • We help our members in Sweden and globally. 


  • Help our members achieve the global goals of 2030.
  • Enable new business opportunities for our members that are adapted based on future conditions. 

Our Values

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Passion for social improvement 

Constant learning


The Team

Johanna PT

Roger Tofft

Managing Director & Board Member of the European PropTech Association

Roger is an influencer in the PropTech market in both the Nordic and UK market. Roger has worked with some of the biggest real estate companies in Sweden and helped a major property developer win an award for the smartest building in South Sweden. He has launched Forbes-featured PropTech start up Spaceflow in London in 2018 and started PropTech Sweden.  

Johanna Björnson

Head of Marketing

Johanna is a distinct project manager with an entrepreneurial touch. Customer focus and service are the key words in her work. She most recently came from Netmore, where she worked as a CMO at group level and CEO of a subsidiary. She is, what she calls herself, self-taught where logic and experience are leading the way forward.

The Board

Sara Damergi

Maria Säterdahl

Chairman & Board Member

Maria Sätherdahl has over 10 years of experience in the real estate industry in leading positions, both public and private sector.
She has been a board member of HBV, the public utility's purchasing function, for just over 7 years and participated in the CEO's council for Allmännyttans digitaliseringsinitiativ.
Maria also has a background as a technology consultant and has been development manager within Medtec

Sara Damergi

Board Member

Sara Damergi is the property expert on international TV shows such as , A Place In The Sun and Coast vs Country. Sara comes from a family background of property development and property finding for Arabic VIPS. She has bought, sold, renovated and managed rental properties in the UK and is occasionally involved in helping out at her father’s current project in Beirut which includes two towers and retail space. Sara has a keen interest in innovation and is an advisor for New Story Charity who are currently 3D printing the first ever village in Latin America! Sara is keeping a keen eye on the PropTech sector and is very excited to be part of the launch of PropTech Sweden.

PropTech Sweden is a membership organisation set up to drive the digital transformation of the property industry by promoting engagement between PropTech and Property businesses, and creating an environment conducive to PropTech innovation.

  • To provide an ecosystem of support for PropTech businesses through partnerships with professional service providers
  • To provide opportunities for engagement with property professionals and technology investors
  • To represent the interests of the industry in regards to policy and legislation and industry wide issues/challenges
  • To promote and support the whole of the Sweden as the best place to start or grow your property technology business

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