Joakim Båge

Communications, Investor Relations, Public Relations.

What is your expertise?
Communications, Investor Relations, Public Relations.

Why did you join PropTech Sweden?
Sharing is caring. I'm truly passionate about real estate and technology. Research and intelligence is key, but I also offer over a decade of experience and a network from working on the U.S. West Coast, which can be of use to startups and incumbents in Sweden. I have actually conducted real estate transactions and used the proptech platforms and tools available in the U.S.

Finally, communications is essential when introducing new ideas and models on a market. Proptech does not represent a threat of cannibalizing existing revenue streams, rather, if done right, an opportunity to improve the overall customer experience and increase profitability. I'm an expert in innovation communications. I know how to get the message across. I can help you and your organization get it just right.