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The rise of the pop-up home

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Sara Damergi
PropTech World by Sara

The rise of the pop-up home.


A decade ago it would be inconceivable to imagine a house could be built in 24hours let alone seeing a mini town installed in a day but the future is indeed here.

What does that mean on an international level?

The implications are vastly different for different countries. Developing countries have recently seen the incredible impact from a charity I have done some advisor work with.

New Story Charity who alongside Icon have stunned the world with their steps towards eradicating homelessness with 3D printed houses that were built in 24 hours.

This is a must read;

They are now focusing on different kind of builds for their next projects but it’s inspiring companies (and countries ) like these that show us what’s truly possible and it does beg the question why countries like the UK aren’t printing homes yet to solve the housing problems and the lack of affordable housing for younger generations, let alone the homelessness crisis.

A company that’s recently caught my eye in The UK is Ilke homes . They can install 6 houses in a day! 6?!

Check them out here;

So it’s very conceivable in the next 5 years whole cities could be erected in record time. Digital twinning and 3D city mapping of course is one area that we could see thriving as this market grows but ConTech will continue to evolve and wow us at a dizzying pace.

Let’s not underestimate the domestic market though that has also shifted , sales of detached properties has increased by approximately 30 percent in the UK since the pandemic so we are seeing a knock on effect of the working from home adopters which my bet is will continue. City life will continue to become less of a necessity and more of a lifestyle choice so flatpack and eco high tech homes will become more and more in demand for those seeking space and the good life worldwide. A lucrative area to be in.

What are your thoughts on the knock on effect on our industry ?

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