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Sergey Kazachenko - entrepreneur since he was 12 years old and now PropTech Sweden's expert

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PropTech Sweden
Sergey started his career as an entrepreneur already at 12 by buying and selling used items. At the age of 15, he moved to Sweden alone with 5 USD and started his first company only 17 years old, which led to employment in the financial industry.

Sergey started investing in real estate and start-ups about 13 years ago. A hobby that became a full-time occupation in 2014. Today, Sergey owns an investment company that focuses on streamlining the real estate and financial markets. That more people should have opportunities and access to investments to contribute to society is something that Sergey is passionate about.

Sergey worked as a stock analyst for 10 years + and has a broad understanding of various investor options - from bonds to pre-seed investments. Sergey has done everything except FX trading. He has also been a co-founder of five different companies that have both succeeded and failed.

Idre Activity Lodge is a project that Sergey finds really exciting to work with. It's about building an entire neighborhood related to his biggest interest in life - sports.

To strengthen the real estate industry, Sergey believes that we have a great need to make the industry more efficient, so that more people can have access to housing and investments.

— I think it is the key to a healthier society, says Sergey.

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