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Maggie is a passionated consumer behavior expert with a trend-watching mind who is happy to help interpret the development down to a practical "here and now" level.
— I am good at commercializing technical ideas and explaining them to different target groups, as well as helping companies to formulate business plans, strategies and applications for financing, says Maggie.

Maggie is curious, creative and positively questioning, which often helps to get others to think outside their own comfortable box.

Maggie has a career as a business developer, especially in retail, where she has evaluated a number of technical solutions. She works with scouting new ideas and driving them from there through tests and business cases to approved investments by company management and board.

— I also work with research and insight work, which I always have with me in all projects, to come up with the best / most anchored solution proposals. I’ve helped several startups to commercialize their ideas and make them more marketable. I’ve also been an author in consumer behavior with a strong focus on customer / user experience.

With Maggies expert knowledge in consumer behavior and people's demands and expectation of their existence, she can get the UX perspective within the PropTech network. She’s also good at asking the difficult questions to develop business ideas and formulate communication so that it becomes relevant even outside the inner circle.

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