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“The only way to win is to learn faster than anyone else.” is a quote from Eric Ries that Jasmin Yaya, PropTech Swedens expert, truly gets inspired from. Jasmin is a consultant and helps companies with creating digital products that end users love! With a background in data strategy, she always delivers business value with data as a background for prioritization and decisions.

Jasmin believes that with the help of data, many companies and industries can be saved and renewed. By creating the opportunity for people with different types of experiences working together, can solve today's and future challenges. Jasmin suggests that companies should invite to conversation as often as possible, both in social media and at conferences.

With a long experience of running cross-functional teams, Jasmin combines sales, marketing, products and technology and makes everyone work towards the same goal.

Jasmin also often gives lectures on how to work cross-functional and sits in the steering groups for the educations on Berghs School of Communication and Hyper Island. She is the co-founder of Growthpodden - Sweden's largest podcast on growth and has also founded the world's largest eyewear blog, 

For several times, Jasmin has held seminars on how data can save retail. Here is one of these seminars, from the Unibail-Rodamco Westfields Retail Open House Summit 2018. She has also held seminars at Real Estate World Seminars Shopping Center & Shops 2018 and The real estate market 2019.

One of Jasmins favorite buildings is Badshahi Mosque in Lahore, Pakistan because of the math and acoustics they managed to implement in their architecture in the 17th century. And also because of the fact that it is so beautiful!

Find Jasmin Yaya on LinkedIn.



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