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Ever since Anders Torell was a kid and competed in tennis, he has always been driven by taking on challenges, compete and improve his skills. Especially he likes tough challenges, though over time he has been taught the hard way not to jump on the foolish challenges. Today, Anders is the CEO of Breed Ventures, which builds and invests in companies. Anders is extremely passionate about solving real problems and finding solutions that are better and smarter than what is on the market today.

– I spent +15 years of my professional career in the corporate and startup world with a great passion for entrepreneurship and investments. Today I’m running Breed Ventures - a venture capitalist firm investing in start-ups and corporate companies. We truly believe in the power of tech-focused ventures. Before that I spent 3 years as Co-Founder & CEO of Loop Industries, a corporate startup owned by NCC and as the Head of Business Transformation &  Digital Business at NCC. We challenged the construction industry with disruptive business and marketplaces like award-winning Loop Rocks and Hauly, Anders says.

Anders started Loop Industries together with NCC in order to challenge the construction industry with a disruptive business model and with the marketplace Loop Rocks and digital ordering service Hauly. With Loop Rocks and Hauly they increased the productivity and gave a more efficient way to build in a more “circular” way. This gave the effect that projects and construction companies could use and share resources between different projects, and reuse building materials in a way that reduced waste which lowered the cost for materials and transport. Loop Industries grew from 0 to 20 000 users and +350 haulages over 3 years.

Passion, creativity, and resilience are the most crucial skills in business according to Anders. If you’ve got those, you’re ready to embark on the journey. Anders believes that the construction process needs to capitalize on the capabilities from design-driven projecting and sophisticated models in smarter execution of projects on-site. Resource sharing, reused products and materials in combination with shorter and loading optimized logistics is key and will be driven by robotics and smart digital platforms in the future of PropTech.

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