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PropTech StartUp & Scale-Up Europe Awards 2019-20

PropTech House, the European Alliance of National PropTech Newtorks, officially launched the brand new edition of the PropTech StartUp & Scale-UP Europe Awards 2019-20 for the European Commission.

In almost every European country, one or more PropTech networks are active that stimulate all the new startups and scaleups in the field of digital innovation and disruptive transformation in the real estate sector.

In order for the European PropTech economy to get to the next level, steps need to be taken towards a uniform market, the scaling up of cross-border collaboration and the establishment of a regulatory framework to foster innovation on a European level. The PropTech StartUp & Scale-Up Europe Awards supported by the European Commission is the first European initiative to give visibility and support to the most promising startups in innovation in real estate.

The competition is structured in 5 categories, that cover the building life-cycle:

Invest & Finance

Design & Build

Market & Transact

Manage & Operate

Live and work

The Jury Member will have to rate all the applications based on 5 criterias:

Social Impact


Technical Innovation

Business Model innovation

Potential (problem/solution-fit, product/market-fit...).

Winner price includes:

Value of 10 000€ of consulting to apply to EU funding programs and subsidies

European Visibility: receive a keynote in a PropTech event in the country you want to enter to

The Proptech StartUp Europe Awards is a brand new category within the StartUp Europe Awards’ framework (22 categories), promoted by the European Commission in collaboration with Finnova Foundation, which presents a prize methodology for startups at local, regional and national level, fostering the open innovation and the collaboration between the different actors of the European ecosystems, through the private-public partnership supporting new entrepreneurs. At the same time it creates a network of contacts that will provide visibility to all the local startups who, by using this network, will be able to scale their services and products at a European and even global level. On its behalf, Finnova is an European foundation based in Belgium, Romania, Panama, Chile and Mexico devoted to the promotion of start-ups and innovative initiatives for the collaboration between public and private entities relying on the tools offered by the European Union.



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