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New Head of Community

We welcome Jonathan Andersson as our new Head of Community

There is great interest in Proptech in Sweden. We are now expanding the team with an award-winning Head of Community that will develop and improve the hub together with our members. We welcome Jonathan Andersson as our new Head of Community. 

─ I see the proptech sector as a gateway to an innovative way of thinking in a prevailing real estate and construction industry known for its protracted processes and inefficient work. I believe that proptech can open up opportunities to rethink and create interest and excitement in the industry, an opportunity to create a paradigm shift in how we live and use our buildings. In my opinion, Proptech is the greatest opportunity for the construction and real estate industry to achieve the global sustainability goals by 2030. I am really looking forward to driving this development and building a community of and for the members going forward.  - Jonathan Andersson

Jonathan, who has worked with the development of communities for 6 years, is an advocate for sustainable real estate development and coliving, a type of housing model that meets today's changing behaviors and lifestyles, in terms of housing and the use of buildings. Coliving also addresses a range of societal issues such as loneliness, housing shortages, affordable housing prices and more. Jonathan lives, breathes and works in sustainable communities every day. It is his goal to help initiate these around the world. Jonathan is an award-winning community developer of Unga Aktiesparare and a thought leader in the global coliving sector with experience of working with the major Swedish real estate companies such as HSB and Akademiska Hus. He currently represents the Nordic countries as an ambassador for the trade association Co-Liv with the ambition of pursuing the coliving agenda in the region.

─ I am super happy to have Jonathan on our journey. There is currently a great deal of interest in Swedish proptech, both at national and international level. Gaining access to his experience in community, coliving and social sustainability, will truly be an asset to all our members. As an industry organization, we have a great responsibility and at the same time the opportunity to influence the industry to be driven towards the global sustainability goals 2030, here Jonathan has solid knowledge to share. He also lives in Sweden's first co-living home in Stockholm, K9 coliving - Roger Tofft

A warm welcome Jonathan and lots of good wishes on becoming part of our growing team. Congratulations and on behalf of all the members. We are all happy and excited about your inputs and contribution to our company.


Roger Tofft                      Magnus Åkerberg 
CEO                                   Chairman


Read the press release here.


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