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Meet PropTech Swedens expert - Nicolas

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PropTech Sweden
Nicolas Waern is one of the good guys to know in the business. He is very passionate and committed to everything he does and his greatest driving force and happiness in life is to help others find what they are good at and see them succeed.

What to know about Nicolas
Nicolas background is all about helping large and small organizations with strategic advice on scaling up their businesses. He has a holistic and global mindset when it comes to connecting organizations, technology and humans. His executed strategies have been focusing on long-term thinking, sustainability and increased profitability.

Besides having the role as the sounding board in digitization for the ones who want to succeed in the real estate industry, Nicolas is a contributing editor for He is also a frequent speakers at various events, spreading his wisdom of how he solved challenges for his clients.

As a speaker, Nicolas have directly and indirectly helped several organizations and people to define the box and by this, enabled the "outside the box”-thinking for both individual and organizations when it comes to implementing new technology from nearby industries.

Why do you want to participate and spread your knowledge as an expert in the PropTech Sweden community?

"To make Sweden and the world a better place! My goal with everything I do is to contribute to a better world. I believe that real estate has a great opportunity to influence how we live in a fundamentally better way. Using new technology properly will create a better world and I have the knowledge, the will, and the ability to help others make the right decisions."

Everything I do is about wanting to help others succeed, feel good, and feel secure in their decisions and to just help create a better world, as quickly as possible together with other people.

What do you think the construction and real estate industry needs to do to not be "worst in class" when it comes to digitization and sustainability?

An understanding that if nothing changes, nothing will change.

The industry needs to understand that it is not the data that you have today that will change how we work. It is the data that companies do NOT have today that will change how we live and society.

We need a great change and the ability and willingness to work more closely with entrepreneurs, to understand that it is the global world, technology, people and organization that need to change.

But above all, think of investments in a different way. And having people and their needs in focus, with an increased understanding of what value is being delivered. Is it the safety for the people living? Is it the ability to contribute to increased prosperity and profitability for commercial real estate? What are the real benefits? For who? And how ready is the organization and the property to deliver these values? If the properties are digitized, how ready are the people, systems, structure of the organization to handle all the "data" generated inside and outside the properties? How easy will it be to recruit new staff?

Understanding the new reality and having the courage, the ability to continuously act on it, along with the realization that a smarter industry will lead to exponential profits is key. Partly monetary in the form of increased property value, increased net operating income and new revenue streams, but above all at national level in increased competitiveness, prosperity and that the real estate industry will lead social development in a completely different way going forward.


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