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Construction industry's own sustainable profile! Amanda "Rivjärnet" Borneke is despite her young age, a well-known profile working within sustainability in Sweden. She is widely praised for her drive and passion to change the construction and demolition industry. 

So, who is Amanda?

At the age of thirteen, Amanda began working as a designer for her own jewelry company. Her passion for entrepreneurship and new challenges has since then taken her to sustainability studies and Amanda Borneke holds a double degree in environmental communication and management.

Since the start, Amanda has initiated important projects. She has created “Radar”, a labor market day that focuses on building bridges between students and companies. She is also behind the sustainability focused instagram account and podcast "Hållbar profil".

Amanda has worked as a Sustainability coach at Nordic Choice Hotels, White Guide and ICA Logistics. She has been stationed as an environmental coordinator at CS riv & Håltagning AB since spring 2018. CS Riv and Håltagning AB is a part of the Storskogen Group. Since then, Amanda Borneke has also acted as an external consultant to other Storskogen companies. Some of them are BR Solutions AB, Tunga Lyft i Sverige AB in Gothenburg and Telarco AB in Kristianstad.

She has been awarded multiple awards and has been nominated for the Female Leader of the Future in 2020. She was also nominated for Guldhuset 2018, a finalist in Återvinningsinspektör 2019 and winner of the Environmental Award of the Year 2019 and Hållbarhetstalang 2019, for people younger than 33 years.

Amandas greatest expertise is within circular demolition, recycling, construction industry, sustainability, behavior change.

What makes you proud of yourself?

What I am the most proud of is that I guided Gothenburg City in circular procurement. This means that the city now places procurement requirements that make a difference in the workplaces, and not on my desk. You can read more about the project here.

Why do you want to participate and spread your knowledge as an expert in the PropTech Sweden community?

I believe in collaborative power before competitiveness. It's so tiring with companies that just want to share already "achieved" results. I am interested in sharing the trip getting there: what mistakes were made or what challenges I have right now. My problem is someone else's solution or vice versa. The only way to find out is to scale up our knowledge and participate in networking. Together we can change the world.

What do you think the construction & real estate industry needs to do to not be "worst in class" when it comes to digitization and sustainability?

Just because an industry is less bad does not mean it is good. The biggest challenge, in my opinion, is to make the industry understand that we are past the time of the pilot projects. It is 2020. All the necessary pilots have already been made. We don't need any more flagships or boast buildings. Now it is about managing the knowledge we have and getting sustainability / digitization into ALL construction projects. So we make a real difference. As Abraham Lincoln said, the best way to predict the future is to create it.

Read more about Amandas achievements on her website. Read her chronicle about working during covid-19 here.



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