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Karin Witalis - A civil engineer with one foot in the city and one on the countryside

A civil engineer with one foot in the city and one on the countryside is how Karin Witalis - PropTech Swedens expert presents herself. Karin devotes herself to find what’s trending with an extra focus on real estate, civil engineering and urban management.

Karin worked since 1996 with real estate issues. First environmental law and then market analytics. She is specialized in economic forecasting for real estate and strategy for investments. Karin has worked both in Stockholm and in London. She has been Head of Analysis at some of the major real estate consultants. Since 2016 she is self-employed.

–  I am so tired of the unilateral urban focus of the real estate industry. A country is more than just the cities. Long distances and dispersed population make the need for a digitalized work- and meeting environment greater in rural areas than in the cities. Nevertheless, the development towards increased digitalization is accelerating faster in the cities. Here I want to see a change and here PropTech Sweden can play an important role, says Karin.

To find the solutions Karin primarily think we should learn from other countries. That the real estate industry should also try to be better at acquiring knowledge from other parts of society.

–  If you want to be good at the environment and sustainability, it may be wise to hire a nature scientist for example, Karin says.

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