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On the 10st of February, we had our first webinar for the year with PropTech For Good. Our speaker, Menno Lammers, the CEO and founder of the PropTech For Good shared some insights on how to connect your business to the Global Goals.

We got the hear about two amazing projects from Sveafastigheter and Skanska and how they work to contribute to the UN Goals.

We wrapped up with a great workshop with our members Picler AB, Raybased,, Loggamera, HUB System Integration, Egain Group and Bridgit Technologies AB

♻️ Read the Green Swan with John Elkington
♻️ Attend to Sveafastighets webinar the 26th of Feb.
♻️ This is Patrik. Patrik always asking questions. Be like Patrik Lundberg.

For those of you who missed the webinar, here is a short summary.
For our members you can see the whole webinar in our Insight Bank.

Currently Sweden is number 1 on the SDG Index. This does not mean that there is no challenge in Sweden for companies to use their knowledge and expertise in other countries to contribute to the SDGs. The challenges are great and joining forces is essential to deliver the SDGs in 2030. I am glad that PropTech Sweden is joining forces with PropTech for Good and they are putting SDG-related issues on the agenda. The event in January is a great step forward. I hope solution providers (startup & scale-ups) will sign up for the PropTech for Good map. I also challenge all companies to formulate missions and to join forces nationally and internationally. During the event, we also talked about social innovation with Patrik and Harry. Success stands and falls with the right mindset and adaptation. It's fascinating to hear how this is being worked on.

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Personal Partnership --> Co-founders (with an annual turnover of less than €2mio) get a 50% discount on the normal price of €999 until the end of 2021 if you contact Proptech for Good within before the last February. 

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