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‘GretaTech’- Why sustainability is the key to making your company some serious money.

The European PropTech trends of 2020 identified ‘GretaTech’ as one of the key trends moving forward and its no surprise that PropTech for good is gaining momentum at a dizzying pace. If you are brainstorming the next move for your company this is where it’s at.
Here in the UK property market, green mortgages have been launched so better deals can be snapped up when you buy a house if you improve its energy efficiency. It is unprecedented in the financial sector to have such a push for the climate. This of course will
filter through to the designing and maintenance of homes which is so relevant to all of us in the PropTech Sector.

The big boys are 100 percent on board. The largest investors in the world like Black Rock are actively putting the call out for climate protection. We all know where attention goes the money flows and the PropTech sector has never been in a better position to help the climate and their bank balances. Has there ever been such a win-win in business?
One exciting development to watch is the speed in which the business of designing and installing homes is gaining momentum. If we put aside 3D printing for a moment we can see its less flashy cousin modular homes is speeding ahead in the inside lane. I’d like to draw
your attention to Ilke homes in the UK as ‘one to watch’ These guys have ticked all the boxes with their zero carbon homes, cutting waste by 90 percent, reducing energy output for residents by 50 percent and they look good too. I mean we aren’t talking architectural
majesty here but they do the job very nicely. I mean installing a home in a day is pretty spectacular no?

Here they are: About | ilke Homes
To quote Greta Thunberg the namesake of this article:

“People keep doing what they do because the vast majority doesn’t have a clue about the consequences of our everyday life. And they don’t know the rapid changes required.”

True in most cases no doubt but I fully believe in our industry we are awake and we hold all the tools to revolutionize old stale ways of working for the good of the climate and for once doing the right thing will be rewarded with financial success.

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