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Don’t underestimate Granny!

Image of Sara Damergi
Sara Damergi

What we can learn from the 3 smartest cities in the world.


1) Singapore

Don't under estimate Granny!

Singapore regularly tops the smartest global city spot , the ageing population that Singapore is home to doesn't stop tech advancements and innovation. There is always a lot of discussion and umming and ahhing about tech adoption and the elderly but Singapore is proving everyone wrong and charging ahead. Tracking systems for the elderly is just one smart part of Singapores public housing.

My question is:
Where is there a gap in the market in Europe for the older generation and could it help our elderly stay independent for longer? Could you adapt or shift your companies products to fill this niche?

2) Dubai

Stay safe with AI

Dubai is a glamorous show off in the PropTech world but it’s not all style over substance.
In Dubai a tracking device for bus drivers using artificial intelligence has dramatically decreased traffic accidents due to fatigue.

My question to you is;
How can we use AI to improve safety for tenants in and around buildings and the real estate industry?

3) Copenhagen

Sustainability-Being held accountable!

One closer to home and very familiar with you Swedes, Copenhagen!

Sustainability is a biggy for Copenhagen they found that simply by giving data and information to office tenants their behaviour changed significantly and as a result gas consumption decreased when it was also follwed by collective feedback on their behaviour change!  When the feedback was removed things reverted back to the same as before (Young et al 2013) a great example of PropTech for good!

Humans like to be held accountable and like to be inspired!

My question for your business is;
How could you harness this formula of Inform , Inspire and Feedback to save businesses money and help them reach their sustainability goals? Nail that and you are on to a winner!

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Image of Sara Damergi
Sara Damergi

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