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Announcement, PropTech Championship hosted by Skanska

Image of PropTech Sweden
PropTech Sweden

📢Time for big announcement!📢

PropTech Sweden and Skanska are hosting a first of it´s kind, PropTech Championship! The winner gets an innovation contract with Skanska!!!

Who made it through to the next round and why? Congratulations to the following companies in each category:


HubSpot Video

🍃CO2 Neutral
Plant - Good team with valuable customers, I like the combination of high tech and hands-on green work
Sally R - Interesting combination of different parts of sustainable buildings, using high-level technology with the feet still firmly on the ground.
RECOMA - I see great potential of circular solutions where construction waste such as plastics are input in the process and the boards are installed in our buildings. Definitely helps Skanska and other to align with the EU Taxonomy.

🏢Smart Building
Parakey - This a simple and innovative solution that adds value and convenience for the property. This a good candidate to the next level.
Enequi - I believe in the future every building is going to have a system like this. It is definitely worthwhile to study further.
Nuuka - This is a very advanced and well thought solution and concept. There is a significant value for Skanska's customers.
Smartvatten - This is an important and well thought solution and concept. There is a significant value for Skanska's customers.

🃏Wild Card
Bright Spaces - Great passion, great solution!
Aiforsite Oy - A topic that needs attention.
Homepal - Great passion! Want to learn more to understand use cases.
Sensative - Seems to be a platform with endless of use cases. Like the approach to focus on personal safety during development/construction. Definitely want to learn more.

Thanks to our amazing jury Anna Kinberg Batra, Henrik Ahnström, Jan Elfving, Jo Mortensen and Sanna Walfridsson.

We can´t wait to see what you have in store for the next stage of the battle!


PT Championship Diagram UPDATED


Lets go!

Save the date for the final 25 March in Stockholm.






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